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You created the path for an amazing opportunity for me and my family.

I distinctly remember telling my wife: "If I can get into The Disruption Institute, it’s going to change our lives forever". I was totally right.

Andrew, IBM Senior Mobile Developer

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Learn To Code: Become A Developer

The Disruption Institute's mission is to change your life through code, relationships & community.

Learn to build apps through our 10 week immersive program (iOS, Android... & more coming soon).
Accelerate your future w/ a community of expert instructors and mentors who care about your success.

Do you want to start a new career? Build an idea? This is the place to begin your journey!

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What You'll Learn

  • Programming Fundamentals

    Learn programming with Objective C and Swift.

  • Dev Methodologies

    Test Driven Development & Agile Software Development

  • UX & UI

    Learn principles from experts in usability, experience & interaction

  • Soft Skills

    Learn how to communicate & work effectively with people.

  • Git & Source Control

    Learn to manage versions of your code & collaborate with other devs

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learn lean startup methodologies you can use to help build products.


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The Disruption Institute is an intensive Kansas City Code School focused on getting you to learn to code by building ideas. You'll review our guided curriculum in off hours (tutorials and other relevant resources). When you come to class, we'll give assignments and challenges for you to work through in pairs. In addition to the instructor, you'll have access to expert mentors who can answer questions & help you succeed

For our intensive 10 week programs, the price is currently $6000. However, you will receive a $1,500 refund if you accept a position through our jobs placement program. We have access to awesome companies.

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For each course, you'll learn the fundamentals of the language, dev methodologies (Agile/TDD), Git & source control & more.
Classes are 30% lecture and 70% hands on (exercises, in-depth tutorials and real world projects).
Designated instructors and mentors will be present during class hours...but you'll also have the ability to get answers to your problems during off hours as well.

Class times vary based on topic & length, but our current 10 week iOS class is 5:30 - 8:30pm Monday - Thursday 751 east 63rd Suite #304 Kansas City, Missouri (Brookside area) | Map

The Disruption Institute isn't for everyone, it's only for the most motivated individuals. Are you a self starter? Do you take initiative? Do you like the challenge of solving difficult problems? We're looking for people who have an intense desire to learn how to build cool software. You could have zero programming experience, be an industry veteran or somewhere in between. If you want a structured environment, the atmosphere and energy of a hackathon, access to expert mentors….this is the place for you! Do you have motivation like this former grad?

There are a lot of great learning resources out there, but we're offering something much different. This is about more than just learning a particular development language. We've created an environment where you'll build things together with others who also want to learn. In addition, you'll have access to expert mentors who want to help you succeed. The relationships and knowledge you gather here can be valuable forever. Here's an example of a great success story from one of our grads!

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